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Webinars will start at the beginning of the academic 2013/2014.
They will be held in real time and will discuss current topics of importance to the teachers’ guild.
The innovative approach of the specialists in Innovation and consulting in such activities has proven its efficiency in reaching specific closely targeted audiences.
The matters discussed include topics aimed at teachers of various disciplines, executives and students.
Some of the successful discussions in 2015 and 2016 are:

  • Non-linear presentations with Prezi
  • Drawing and use of electronic content resources
  • Internet-based platforms for electronic and distance learning
  • Consulting advanced and gifted young people in the field of Computer Sciences
  • Software and hardware solutions for the education of children with special educational needs, etc.

The great interest in each of the topics proves the webinars to be one of the most efficient and reliable channels for discussing important subjects.
Each discussion is attended by independent experts and producers or implementators of the solution in question, as well as actual users of the services, who talk about its benefits and share possibly the challenges they have faced in their experience with it.
Thus the triangle of all participants in the process is closed and all points of view on a given problem can be heard.
After the end of each discussion the audio-video recording is published on the Innovation and consulting website. Apart from the archive of all webinars available, there you can also find a calendar of the upcoming events.