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khan-academyKhan Academy (KA) is an educational non-profit organization that offers over 4,000 free video lessons exercises with hundreds of them embedded in the academic social network, as well as educational software for classroom management for teachers. The lessons cover most subjects from 1st to 12th grade preparatory modules of university education and many lessons from global cultural character. The organization aims to provide a free world-class educated for everyone around the world.


lumensLumens are a company founded by a team with great technological heritage in imaging, video, electronics and optical equipment. Supported by Pegatron Group, Lumens constantly upgrading their products to fit the most common standards for health and environmental protection.


tts_logo_partnersTTS is a British company providing innovative educational resources. TTS products are created after the calls to the needs of the education and upbringing of preschool teachers, teachers, parents, school counselors, parents and others whose priority is the children. The result – exceptional resources that will meet your needs!


moway_logo_partnersmOway is an educational tool representing a finished product using technology and training. mOway allows students to identify what programming and using a user-friendly interface and intuitive software that controls robots and input / output devices to them. With mOway can create their own programs, it is possible to program a: mOwayWorld, Scratch, C, Assembler


studica1985 Studica meets the needs of students, teachers and educational institutions. The company holds the licenses and offers products of Autodesk, Adobe, Avid, Unity, GameSalad, Microsoft, Wacom, National Instruments, fischertechnik, Fourier Systems, Pantone and others.


zu3dThe company motto is Zu3D “Learning is fun.” It offers software for animating objects, which is suitable for use by children and adults with different experiences in the visual arts. Combining intuitive interface with incredibly powerful software features makes it suitable for use in schools and at home.



Since 1996, when RAABE Bulgaria was established, for 17 years it has been one of the most dynamic developing publishing houses on Bulgarian market. School principals, accountants from public and business sector and managers of companies have trust its quality for years.RAABE Bulgaria offers organization and conduction of trainings and qualifications such as seminars, workshops and conferences, as well as great variety of professional and methodological literature


Иновации и консултиране | Innovating and Consulting

Deed is an innovative internet platform which uses games to educate and inspire efficient communication. Deed supports the educational process of students by engaging them in finding, summarising, presenting and comparing information on topics defined by their reachers. The platform allows the active involvement of the parents in the educational process and instills a sense of belonging to the school both in the students and their parents.


atlasAtlaskom a member of the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT). The company is engaged in analysis, consulting, configuration, delivery, integration, maintenance, and services for complete solutions in the wide format, means of presentation systems for processing documents, computer systems and software, peripherals and consumables.


Иновации и консултиране | Innovating and ConsultingGuided by the motto “We want to say a lot of things. We have to realize many ideas. We have so many dreams … The best thing is that we believe in your success, because we know and we know we can. “Association” A new education “is designed to work with childcare. Its creators believe that young people in Bulgaria are talented and hardworking. so reaching out to students across the country, providing a platform for their creative flair. National school forums will become a patent for the Association “A new education.”