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Innovation and consulting provides a wide range of consulting and advisory services in various areas of education and business such as:

  • training and project management;
  • compiling documentation on projects in the IT field and participation in their execution on an expert level;
  • individual and group consulting on career development in technology;
  • strategic planning;
  • development and management of European projects;
  • energy efficiency, etc. designed to help business firms.

Consultation ensures a high level of security in terms of strategic activities, such as streamlining the planning, financing and management activities of projects.


Innovation and Consulting provides expert financial advice throughout the development process, including:

  • Review development goals
  • Recommendations for financial strategies
  • Preparation of budgets
  • Identification of sources of debt and equity financing
  • Assistance in closing loans
  • Expert witness analysis and testimony for litigation

Innovation and Consulting provides project management, including:

  • Assistance in negotiations and planning activities with government agencies
  • Coordination of services with project contractors, architects / consultants and trainers
  • Represent the owner during the whole process of the project

Innovation and Consulting  ensure projects are completed on time and with the approved budget. The quality of service is guaranteed by a network of proven partners, professionals in various fields such as planners, architects, push companies marketing houses, PR agencies, NGOs and others.


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